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All You Need To Know About US Green Card Lottery–

It is no hidden news that the US government offers a US Green Card Lottery Program offering people who win a permanent legal residency in the US. Like many may suggest, there is a general understanding of how a regular lottery works. The DV lottery is designed to ensure plenty of diversity in US immigration, so only individuals from countries underrepresented in US immigration are usually allowed to apply.

united States Green Visa

Basically, you enter a drawing and if you are selected at random, you win a prize. Lotteries allow some lucky winners to win prizes such as cars. Most states have cash lotteries as well, but there is a whole lot of difference between the Green Card Lottery and the likes of this other lotteries.

The US. Green Card Lottery Program is officially referred to as the Diversity Visa Lottery Program or the DV Lottery Program.

How the DV lottery program works

Every year, the DV lottery program allows 50,000 applicants to be gifted Green Cards (for legal permanent residency in the United States) as part of a random lottery selection process. Users only stand a chance of securing a Green card if they apply for the program.

Initial submission is done at which helps confirm your eligibility to participate in the program as well as helps prepare your entry.

After completion of application successfully, the website will automatically submit your entry on the official DV Lottery website during the submission period.

This reduces/ leaves no room for complaints such as a slow internet, heavy traffic on the official portal, rejected photos or any other problem capable of hindering your ability to submit your entry successfully. That’s as simple as it is. I guess after this point, applicants go into their praying rooms and keep believing.

Selection process

The 50,000 Green available Cards for the DV Lottery Program are distributed among six different world geographic areas, with more Green Cards going to those areas where lower immigration rate to the US. Any country that has sent at least 55,000 immigrants to the US. over the past five years is not eligible for the lottery program. Green Cards offered through the Diversity Visa Lottery Program are awarded through a random computer draw.

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Regions Eligible for the Diversity Visa lottery

  • Africa
  • Asia
  •  Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America
  • Oceania.


Certain requirements need to be met for one to qualify for this lottery-They include:

Applicants must have been born in and are inherent citizens of an eligible country To enter the lottery. There are exceptions to this though: the applicant may claim his/her spouse’s birth country if he/she desires and that of the parents if neither of the parents was born in the applicant’s birth country and did not legally reside there at the time of the applicant’s birth.


General immigration requirements must be met and they could include

  1. Means of support<sponsor, if any>,
  2. No criminal background<No crime history>,
  3.  Good health condition.
  4. If you have dependents (such as children or a spouse) who will travel with you to the US. in the event that you are awarded a Green Card, you will need to list their names on your application.
  5. You must also meet either a training requirement or an education requirement.  You must have completed at least a high school education or have two years of training or work experience to meet the requirements in most fields of work.

The US. Department of State is the organization overseeing the DV Lottery Program.

Applications for the Diversity Visa Lottery Program are only accepted at specific times of the year – usually between October and December.

You can visit the green lottery visa official portal to have a full view of all the requirements for this lottery exercise and also visit the US. Department of State website to learn when the next Lottery Program will take place.

united states Visa

Although a lot of people may want to apply for the US green visa, there are other ways to get a green visa as well. Even if you cannot secure a visa through the DV lottery program, you can still apply for a green card through:

  • US Green Card Through Family

If your family is permanently residing in the US- are US citizens, and are willing to sponsor you, you may be able to migrate to the US.

  • US Green Card through Employment

If you are a skilled worker who’s got your employer willing to sponsor you, you may be able to immigrate to the US and even get permanent residency as well. Download and read the “Green Card through Employment Application” kit, which contains the instructions you need to come to the US to work.

  • US Green Card for Your Family and Children
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If you intend moving permanently to the US with your family through the immigration process, note that the US government makes provision for families to stay together, lucky for you.  Make sure to download the “green card for your family” kit, it contains everything you need to start applying for a green card today.

If your spouse is a US citizen, you stand the chance to qualify for a US green card through marriage. The pro guide “Green Card through Marriage Application” from can give you quality information on how to apply for this category of the green card.

There have been a lot of controversies regarding this Green Visa Lottery putting forth the negative effects of this immigration process. The most renowned of them are;

  • Encourages Illegal Immigration
  • Rampant Fraud
  • Creates an Opportunity for Terrorists

But on the other side, I think it has helped the US in a way.


Research by economists shows that diverse and low-skilled immigrants lift the wages of native-born workers, as those immigrants are less substitutable to native-born workers. Countries with a higher share of foreign-born populations tend to have more innovation and higher incomes.

Note that Permanent residency allows the recipient to work at almost any job they like, get a license to handle hazardous material, and to travel to and from the United States as often as they please.

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Fraud Alert

Applying for the Diversity Visa Lottery Program is free and there is no charge to enter the Diversity Visa lottery, it is completed online. However, there are numerous companies and websites that charge a fee in order to complete the form for the applicant. There have been numerous cases of fraudulent emails and letters falsely claiming to have been sent by the Department of State and that the recipient has been granted a Permanent Resident Card.  The Department of State Npower recruitment has issued a warning against the scammers. It notes that any email claiming the recipient to be a winner of the lottery is fake because the Department has never notified and will not notify winners by email.

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Bottom Line is, Do not pay money to anyone or company with respect to the US green card Lottery.

Now that we are over with the information part of this article, why not start your application today right below if you are in any way interested.

Start Preparing your Green Card Lottery Application


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