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How To Find Jobs In The UK As A Nigerian

How To Find Jobs In The UK As A Foreigners

Many expats (shortened form of expatriate means a person who is temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than their native country)living in the UK  usually dream of finding a job in the UK.

You need to note that this article does not apply foreign citizens but also to every everyone who is living in the UK and is searching for Jobs.

Before you go out searching for jobs in the UK as an expat, it is advisable take a look at the National Occupation Shortage List to find out the sectors in demand before looking for a job.

Ways You Can Apply for Jobs In The UK

  1. Find a Job service(the Uk’s Largest recruitment agency)
  2. Other recruitment agencies Like;

A.  Asoria Group– They have won multiple awards for the good services the profitable seervices they provide. They have four sectors in this company which can help you find your dream job.

  • Green Recruitment Company: Operates in the environmental sector– energy management and distribution.
  • Digital Recruitment Company: Works in the digital sector — social media and creative employees, developers and web designers.
  • Life Science Recruitment Agency: Concerns the science, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.
  • Property Recruitment Company: concerned with the property sector

B. Reed

Reed allows you to post your job for a very competitive price considering the audience that you are opening your vacancy to and also allows you to access a truly massive database of CVs and Resumes.

C. Morgan Hunt

Morgan Hunt is a very popular company among the market of recruitment agencies. This agency specializes in a couple of sectors that range from education to marketing, property and business.

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Of course, these are not the only recruitment agencies that exist or that you can use. There’s like an unlimited list of recruitment agencies you can make use of.

I just love using this three and recommend them a whole lot for people who need to make use of any.

How To Find Jobs In The UK As A Nigerian


For you to get a job in the UK, it is important to get your qualifications and skills recognized.

If you have any plans of working in the UK as a foreigner, it is highly important that you do researches on Sectors that have available Job openings or Vacancies.

Ultimate Guide On How To Apply For Jobs Online|

Stats have shown that the top sectors for expats are Healthcare, financial sector, consultancy and computer programming. Job openings usually available include positions for nurses and paramedics, software developers, social workers, engineers and chefs.


There are several ways to go about looking for jobs in the UK for foreigners. One great resource used to be the UK government’s Universal Jobmatch online service which has now been changed to ‘Find a Job service‘.

Just like the Universal Jobmatch used to work, Find a job service apart from including a job database, after registration offers other services like saving previous job searches, sending you email alerts and CV upload.

  • I also recommend you go a bit offline in your job search as an expat. You can also search for jobs in newspapers. I think one of the best newspapers that provide such service is The Guardian. They also own an online database you can check out if interested for genuine job vacancies in the UK.
  • Networking can also be a very effective way to look for a job as an expat. Key Job positions aren’t advertised, and keeping in touch with your professional contacts can help you find out about these potential vacancies.
  • Recruitment Agencies
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If you possess skills which are sought after by local employers, then going through a recruitment agency might be a good option for you. We had listed a couple of recruitment agencies in the earlier part of this article. I am not saying you have to use them, I only indicated my trust for them so, and you can go ahead and use any one available on the surface of the earth as far as it meets your requirements. You can ask for recommendations among colleagues, I am sure they will have something to offer.

For important tips for applying for jobs in the UK as a Nigerian watch the video below. Sandy says it all.


One of the most important parts of job search for expats that people tend to ignore is getting your professional skills and qualifications officially recognized. Employers will definitely want to know what the equivalent of your international degrees and other qualifications are in the UK before hiring you. SO it is highly advisable to make sure you understand this things completely before going for any Job post so as to not get yourself shocked during the recruitment process.

For a fee, National Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) (works on behalf of the UK government) helps in giving comparison statements for expats. This comparison statement given to you is an officially recognized document which confirms your qualification and states its comparable level in the UK.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. Kindly comment for any questions and they would be answered as quickly as possible. We cherish your opinion and look forward to getting one.

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