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This book is a collection of aptitude test questions and answers collated from previous recruitment exercises of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). It is regularly updated with recent questions as made available by our agents in

different recruiting firms all over the federation. This book will be helpful to candidates invited to the aptitude screening test of the bank as it will enable them prepare accordingly. We also have Banks Interview Questions and

Answers that will enable candidates give expected answers to questions during bank interview.


Questions for this test are derived from these core areas:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Business Transactions
  • Stock Exchange
  • Current Affairs
  • History
  • Common Knowledge

We recommend a copy of our Current Affairs & History For Scholarship & Job Tests to aid you in preparation.


With the inevitable growth of specialization I see the universities facing two great dangers.

First, it is very easy to get so involved in the technical details of education that the object of education is lost. And secondly, in an effort tp condition a university to the needs of its students and to the needs of the State it may lose its power to make or mould those students into responsible men, capable of thinking for themselves and capable of expressing the results of their thoughts to others.

1. The author calls growth of specialisation ‘inevitable’. Which one of the following

statements IS likely to be the most correct reason for this inevitability ?

(a) Universities give grants only to do specialised work m different disciplines

(b) The PrOfessors and researchers in universities are competent only for specialised work

(c) Specialization helps economtc growth of the nation

(d) In an age of science and technology specialization becomes necessary


2. Which one of the following statements most correctly suggests the central theme of the passage ?

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(a) The aim of education is specialization

(b) The aim of education is to mould the youth to work for the State

(c) The aim of education is to make the youth capable of independent thought and expression

(d) The aim of education is to enable the youth to earn a comfortable 1iving


3. Which one of the following statements most correctly suggests the warning implied in the passage ?

(a) Uni vcrsity education should not be concerned with technical details

(b) Universities should not subordinate themselves to the interests of the State

(c) Universities should be concerned only with the needs of students

(d) Universities should not go in for any specialization


Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning to the word printed in bold as used in the passage.

4. Purely

(a) morally

(b) honestly

(c) completely

(d) perfectly

(e) cleanly


5. Demonstrate

(a) protest

(b) occur

(c) estimate

(d) appear

(e) prove


6. Remedy

(a) medicine

(b) solve

(c) restore

(d) therapy

(e) heal

An office consists of 520 employees working in different departments, viz HR, IT, Production and Marketing.

The ratio of men to women in the organisation is 5 : 3. 20 per cent of the men work in the IT department. 40 percent of the women work in the HR department. The total number of employees in the Production department is 135.

Two-fifths of the women work in the IT department and the remaining work in the Marketing department. 40 percent of the men work in the Production department. Four percent of the men work in the HR department and the remaining work in the Marketing department.


7. The number of men working in the Marketing department forms what percent of the total number of employees

in the organisation?

(a) 22.5

(b) 34.5

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(c) 19.5

(d) 38.5

(e) None of these


8. What is the ratio of the number of men working in the HR department to that of the women working in the same?

(a) 1 : 5

(b) 2 : 3

(c) 4 : 7

(d) 9 : 11

(e) None of these


9. A dishonest dealer professes to sell his goods at cost price, but uses a false weight and thus gains 20%. For a kilogram he uses a weight of

(a) 700 g

(b) 750 g

(c) 800 g

(d) 850 g


10. The compound interest on a sum for 2 years is N832 and the simple interest on the same sum at the same rate for the same period is N800. What is the rate of interest?

A. 6%

B. 8%

C. 10%

D. 12%

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What to do after payment for the Federal Fire Service Past Questions and Answers
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Send the following:

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You can call our agent on 08109345578 for questions before and after payment.

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