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Advertise With Us has a team of dedicated workers who do their best to promote job opportunities and vacancies for all subscribers and readers of the website.

We can help promote the adverts of agencies, companies, organizations etc.

Services we promote on our blog include:

  1. Online/offline businesses
  2. Start-up seminars
  3. Business seminars
  4. Workshops
  5. Trainings
  6. Websites and many other services

These and many other services are what we promote to our targeted audience (blog readers) and which will in turn give you a great value for the money you invest.

If you have any interest in placing an advert on our website, do feel free to contact us on any of the channels we would state on the latter part of this guide.

However, you need to note that advertisement (ad placements) is billed monthly and yearly (only on agreement) and the price depends on the size of your ad banner.


What of Sponsored Posts?

Although we did not include sponsored post earlier on when we listed the things we advertise on our website; we do accept sponsored posts too. We can publish a sponsored post about your company, blog, business, Loan, Crypto, job vacancy etc.

Why advertise with

One of the best reasons why you should advertise with us is because we do not have a lot of adverts on our website like many others do. How is this an advantage? This makes your advert conspicuous and will ensure a lot of engagement with our readers and subscribers. We do not advertise with Google Adsense or any other prominent ad network because we want to ensure that your ads convert just as much as you want it to.

Another reason is because it will generate leads to your business or idea. Whatever is the idea you are trying to publicize through this platform; you will successfully drive thousands of leads to your landing page and convert most of them to customers.


Advert Placements and Billings

Ad Placement on and price for each banner size:

  1. Job post (Guest Post) = N5, 000 per Job post

A job post is a post where you advertize vacancies in your company or agency on our website to thousands of readers. You need to note that we have over twenty thousand(20k) subscribers  on ONESIGNAL push Notification and over 3 thousand subscribers on our blog’s email list.

BONUS: the post will also be shared to our Facebook page with less than a thousand subscribers.

This means that, a single post will reach over thirty thousand people once it has been published. This ensures that if you intend to recruit candidates, you will be exposed to over thirty thousand prospective candidates(Including our thousand of daily readers).


2. Banner Adverts

A banner advert is an enticing and colorful advert that describes your business, idea, service or company in a pictorial/ text format and possesses a direct link to the page where the service is provided.

Size and Pricing

Banner SizePlacementPrice
300 x 600Top Sidebar, Show on all PagesN20,000 per month


300 x 600Bottom Sidebar, Will be Shown on all PagesN15,000 per month
336 x 280Top Sidebar, Will be Shown on all PagesN15,000 per month


336 x 280Bottom Sidebar, Will be Shown on all PagesN10,000 per month


300 x 250Top Sidebar, Will be Shown on all PageN10,000 per month
300 x 250Bottom Sidebar, Will be Shown on all PageN8,000 per month
120 x 600Top Sidebar, Will be Shown on all PageN25, 000 per month


120 x 600Bottom Sidebar, Will be Shown on all PageN15, 000 per month
728 x 90HOMEPAGE; Top ONLYN30, 000  per month
728 x 90HOMEPAGE, Bottom ONLYN25, 000  per month



You can click here to check out samples of the ad banner sizes above.

Text Ads

If you intend to place an all text ad, feel free to contact me through any of the channels written out below. The price of the all-text ad is negotiable; so, a phone call will be preferable.

PS: The ads will be displayed after negotiations are completed and payment confirmed. Creation of ads follow immediately after payment has been confirmed and required information provided.


What we need from advertisers:

  1. Banner Image(for banner ads)
  2. Landing page(link to landing page of service or website)
  3. A brief info about the advertiser
  4. Contact details


All Ad banners are displayed on all posts and pages on our website

  • The 798×90 ad banner can be below the navigation bar or beside the logo (this depends totally n what the advertiser chooses)
  • Specials Ads Service: This is an opportunity for an advertiser to post an advert for a couple of days or weeks if they don’t want it for up to a month.
  •  ==> If you opt for the 798 x 90 and 120 x 600 ad banners, we will promote your advert via a blog post, on Facebook and on Twitter as well.
  • If you want your advert to be the only one we place on the website, you will have to negotiate with the contact indicated below

For more inquiries and Negotiations:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +2348109345578

Be sure to book your advert space today before it is taken. Limited positions available

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